Getting Started

This section aims to provide a deeper technical explanation and code implementation around specific features of the OMG Network's products and services. It serves as a guide for integrators using the OMG Network.

Code Samples

Most tutorials have sufficient code samples that will guide you through your integration process. If you want to learn more about the core network implementation, check the following references:

Alice and Bob

In most code samples, Alice refers to the account of a sender (Wallet A), Bob refers to the account of the recipient (Wallet B). Notice, all of the samples use Alice as the primary wallet.

All tutorials use predefined public and private keys for Alice and Bob. They contain only Rinkeby test tokens, so don't spend all of them and share them responsibly with others. If the wallets are empty, feel free to send Rinkeby faucets there.

It is recommended to use personal public and private keys to avoid unexpected movements of the funds on the testnet environment. Never share your private keys with anyone -- especially if they contain funds on the Ethereum mainnet.

API documentation

Some details might be omitted from the omg-js code examples (type information, optional arguments, etc.) For more information regarding the omg-js library, please check the API documentation.

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