MultiBaas by Curvegrid

By the end of the guide you should know how to interact with Ethereum smart contracts using Mthe ultiBaas tool provided by Curvegrid.


You should use this guide if you need to accomplish one of the following goals:

  • Mint (issue / generate) ERC20 tokens.

  • Burn (destroy) ERC20 tokens.

  • Deposit ERC20 tokens to the OMG Network.


  1. Chrome or Brave browser.

  2. MetaMask wallet extension with $5-$10 worth of ETH.

  3. Basic understanding of Ethereum blockchain.


Traditionally, minting and managing ERC20 tokens involves help from a blockchain engineer that understands smart contracts. However, the goal of the OMG Network is to eliminate this barrier and deliver a product that can be used by any enterprise client.

That's why we partnered with Curvegrid to provide an easy solution for software companies that plan on working with the Ethereum blockchain and the OMG Network. Curvegrid platform offers a rich REST API for developers, as well as an intuitive administrative panel to manage various smart contracts for regular users.

This guide demonstrates how users/admins can use the latter option to manage ERC20 tokens.

Issue ERC20 Tokens

To issue ERC20 tokens using MultiBaas use the following steps:

During the sign up you will need to choose the Ethereum network you want to work with:

  • Ropsten/Rinkeby - the Ethereum testnets. All of the transactions that happen on these networks are for test purposes only. The funds used on Ropsten or Rinkeby are not real.

  • Mainnet - the Ethereum mainnet. All of the transactions that happen on this network are for production purposes. The funds used on this network are real, so make sure you don't lose access to them.

  • Curvegrid - the network created by Curvegrid, won't be covered during this guide.

  1. Select CONTRACTS -> Contracts menu and choose Mlti Token contract:


  3. Fill in the parameters for your new token.

The values of the Parameters have the following descriptions:

  • Label - an internal label inside of the MultiBaas panel of the current contract. You may leave a default option or change it to the name of your token.

  • Owner - a public address (public key) of the owner of the Ethereum wallet that will issue and manage the tokens later.

  • Name - the name of your token (e.g. Morty).

  • Symbol - a short symbol of your token, usually it's 3-5 capitalized characters (e.g. MRTY or MRT).

  • Decimals - token's precision after a comma. You can put up to 18 decimal points (used by default). We do recommend to use this option only if you're planning to send smaller amounts of tokens (e.g if you put 2 decimals, you will have a chance to send 4.25 tokens).

  1. Select an address to sign your transaction.

When you're using MultiBaas the first time, you need to add a public key to the MetaMask wallet you will use to sign all of the transactions for your token. If you haven't set up a MetaMask wallet yet, feel free to use this guide.

To sign a transaction, click select an address on the right side of the DEPLOY button. This will automatically offer a public key of the currently used MetaMask wallet. If the address is correct, press the + button as follows:

Then, add a label for your wallet (e.g. admin, moderator, core, test, etc):

  1. Deploy the contract.

Finally, select the address that you've just added, and click the DEPLOY. This will prompt a MetaMask popup. Press Confirm and wait for a few seconds:

If a transaction is successful, you will see the following confirmation message:

  1. Verify the result.

Congratulations, you've just created your first ERC20 token. To verify that the token was created, copy the contract address and paste it into Etherscan.

  1. Change the total supply of your token.

The last step is to change the total supply of your token. First, select Mlti Token contract on the left sidebar and choose your token as follows:

Then, scroll to the Mint method, enter the number of tokens you want to issue, and click SEND METHOD. This will prompt a MetaMask pop up that you need to confirm:

After confirming a transaction, you will see the following confirmation message:

To verify that the total supply was changed, copy a transaction hash to the Etherscan, and select the token name to view its details as follows:

Note, you need to choose the correct network when working with the blockchain explorer. This guide demonstrates the token issuance on the Ropsten network.

You can also check the total supply in the MultiBaas account of the Mlti Token page:

Burn ERC20 Tokens

Burning tokens event takes a defined number of tokens out of circulation. The procedure is similar to tokens' issuing.

First, open the Mltitoken page and select your token. Then, enter the number of tokens to burn, and press SEND METHOD. This will prompt a MetaMask popup that you need to confirm:

After confirming a transaction, you will see the following confirmation message:

You can verify the result by checking token's details on Etherscan or your MultiBaas page:

Interacting with the OMG Network via MultiBass requires to link several smart contracts. You can find the corresponding values of your network in the Environments page. The values should be defined as follows:





The steps below will cover how to link Erc20Vault but it can be applied to any contract. Also, the example demonstrates how to work on the Ropsten network (testnet). Make sure to set up the Mainnet instance on the Curvegrid admin panel first if you need to work with the real funds.

  1. Select the defined contract (e.g. Erc20 Vault) on the left sidebar, and click DEPLOY / LINK CONTRACT as follows:

  2. Copy the value of the defined contract (e.g. Erc20 Vault):

  3. Paste the value into the Contract Address field and press LINK as follows:

You should see a success confirmation after you linked the contract.

  1. Go to the contract and verify that you retrieve the contract's events:

  2. Repeat steps 1-4 for all OMG Network's contracts (mentioned at the beginning of this section).

Deposit ERC20 Tokens to the OMG Network

To make transfers on the OMG Network, you need to deposit funds from the Ethereum network first. You may follow the Web Wallet Quickstart, however, you can achieve the same result with MultiBaas too.

Note, it's required to link smart contracts first before proceeding.

To deposit ERC20 tokens to the OMG Network, use the following steps:

  1. Select the OMG Network Helper under the MODULES section as follows:

  2. Scroll to the Methods block, select the DEPOSIT tab, and choose the Deposit ERC20 contract.

  3. Put the number of tokens you want to deposit and click the SEND METHOD button as follows:

This will prompt a popup that you need to confirm. If the token hasn't been used on the OMG Network before, you need to confirm two transactions: approval and deposit. Otherwise, you'll have to confirm only a deposit transaction.

After the confirmation, you'll see a success message:

  1. Verify that your tokens have been deposited to the OMG Network with a web wallet of the corresponding environment:

You may also verify the deposited tokens on the MultiBaas panel in the Erc20 Vault Events section:

Make an ERC20 Transaction on the OMG Network

MultiBaas provides a simple way to do transactions on the OMG Network. To make a transfer, use the following steps:

Note, it's required to link smart contracts first before proceeding.

  1. Open the OMG Network Helper, scroll to the Methods section, and choose a TRANSACT tab:

  2. Fill in the required fields:

  • Payable amount in wei - the amount of tokens you want to send to another user

  • Currency - the token's smart contract

  • Receiver - an Ethereum wallet address of the receiver of funds

  • Metadata - an optional comment or extra information you want to state about this transaction (e.g. Present, Invoice, etc.)

  1. Click SEND METHOD, and SIGN a transaction in the opened popup as follows:

  2. Verify the result (optional).

You can verify the transaction by copying its hash to the Block Explorer of the corresponding network, or check your Web Wallet:

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